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Official Score6.5
  • Video Quality
  • content
  • design


  • A lot of clips
  • Exclusive content
  • Downloadable pics and clips
  • No search options
  • Site doesn’t upload
  • No streaming option

While is not updating anymore, that does not mean that you should not give them a visit. From 2003, this site has been updating naughty content for their viewers and that went on until 2012, which means that you will be showered with loads of porn clips.

As you should already be able to tell, this site is all about the delicious teen chicks who love to show us their pink tacos, and if you prefer the barely legal chicks as well, then this is a site that I would personally recommend.

There are loads of videos here, which means that you will be introduced to a variety; from, the horny ten chicks masturbating and showing off the goods alone, to the clips where they will get ravished and pleasured by a horny man. Some of these chicks prefer to suck on a clit, while others love the taste of hard cocks.

The usual age of the hotties on this site is between 18 and 23. One thing that makes this site special is that they do not pay attention to the looks of the girl or her skills in the bedroom, they present women who love to get wet and do whatever it takes to cum hard.

One thing you will notice from the start is that the navigation is not doing us any favors. It is a bit annoying because you cannot easily find what you are searching for as the site does not offer enough features for you to stumble upon your fetish with ease.

Currently, there are 1,124 clips on the site, and we are not quite sure if they are planning on updating anytime soon. But seeing as how they stopped doing so in 2012, I highly doubt they will continue. With that many clips, one would expect to at least be offered categories or tags by which you can search the videos, but there are no such options.

This means that all you have on your side are the thumbnails by which you will have to guess what the video is all about. However, a good thing here is that most of the videos here have a good quality playback and many of them are in HD.

Since the site stopped updating quite some time ago, you will find videos in MPEG and Windows Media files, which all depends on the video you choose. You should know that this site does not offer any streaming options but it does give you an opportunity to download the full length or clip-length videos.

Of course, this site will not be free, and right now, you will be offered only to get the trial of $7.00 that lasts 7 days. But besides that you also have:

– 3-month’s membership of $59.95

– 1-year membership of $95.00

Many of you probably wonder why would anyone pay for a site if it is not updating anymore, and it is really not suggested you do that. But, if you want to download this huge collection to your PC, then settle for the smallest offer and download everything you want until the membership expires.

If you do decide to become a member, make sure you pay attention to the pre-checked cross-sells, that will be checked automatically. This will cost you extra!

Another thing that might make you want to subscribe to this website is that they also used to offer images, which means that you will have a lot of galleries to list through as well. There are 604 pornstars/models on this website and while I cannot give you a certain number of galleries, I can give you an estimated number of about 1550 galleries.

These images are not HD pictures, and you will have an option to download them to a set, .zip. Another downside to this website is that while it does say that it offers bonus sites, they are all paysites that are not given for free with your membership on this website.

But, seeing that there is a large amount of content with a nice mix, you will surely have what to enjoy. If you exclude the biggest issue of the site being that it does not upload anymore, is surely worth checking out!

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