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There is a reason behind every site that the BestPornMenu decides to review, and is no different. The site’s purpose is quite simple, it is here to satisfy all of your dirty desires when it comes to horny Japanese sluts, and with its incredible selection of videos, you will be amazed.

Just like on every other porn website you visit, the homepage is here just to show you what you can expect to see once you start browsing deeper, and let me tell you, their homepage alone will get you hooked. Here you will see some of the most erotic movies and girls presented, along with other things as well. There are just a few of the basic tabs you need to know about, to enjoy the full benefits of this free website. does not really offer clips that much, since most of the videos you can find here are actually movies that last about 1 hour each. These movies will definitely get your attention because you do not often see a porno with a story. Below every movie, you will have different options in which you view the video, together with links to help you share and rate.

You do not even have to be a member to comment on the movie, you can simply mark that you’d like to comment as a guest instead. Another thing that you should keep in mind is that there are over 10k videos that this site offers, which is more than you’ll ever need, considering that they keep adding more.

If you do want to become a member of the site, I will add that the Registration button is nowhere to be seen. If you want to sign up, you have to open a video, and below the video, you have a ‘Log in’ drop menu, that will list some of the ways you can either create an account or sign in with an existing one (like facebook…).

When you hover over the ‘Categories’ tab, you will have a drop menu that displays over 35 categories you can view. They range from the Japanese amateur clips to the full HD movies of horny Japanese babes. However, what I did notice is that even though this site is supposed to be purely about Japanese girls, hence the name, some of the movies actually feature girls of other ethnicities as well.

If you are already a fan of the movies, and you have a favorite studio, there is even an option to list them that way. ‘Studios’ is another drop menu tab, that will display over 50 different studios you can choose from. When you click on them, you will have all of the movies from only that one studio, obviously, and the same goes for categories as well.

Some of us might also be interested in the models we are watching, which is why has a special section dedicated only to its models, the ‘Jav Models’. Currently, there are over 860 models you can choose from, and every model will have some details displayed, her name, country, height, measurements, birth date, and a list of the movies she was featured in.

If you prefer to just watch naughty clips instead of full movies, there is a section for that as well, and as you may have guessed, it is labeled as ‘Clips’. Here, you will find a selection of 3800+ clips you can watch, and they can range from a simple 3-minute blowjob from a kinky chick to a passionate lovemaking session with a lewd couple. Most of these clips will also have an option for you to turn on the subtitles, but they load kind of slow.

Besides the annoying ads that you will see flashing and some of the pop-ups, this is quite a nice website. While movies do not have an option for download, some of the clips can actually be downloaded! Simply put, anyone who can get off watching cute Japanese girls get shagged in multiple situations is bound to enjoy their stay at

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