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  • Video Quality
  • content
  • design


  • Free registration
  • Many categories
  • Many naughty clips
  • Some pop-ups
  • Videos posted from other sites
  • The premium option does not work

As soon as you see the name of this site, you will know that is all about showing you amateur porn clips with a mesh of professionals. Most of the clips on this site are genuine amateurs who love to get fucked hard.

The homepage will show you just what this site has to offer. From a ton of kinky videos to many suggested hot websites, to the most viewed categories and so on. Basically, the homepage will cover all of the important bits that will get you hooked with just one glance.

Even if this site is categorized as a premium amateur website, you should know that you can watch many clips for free. However, the videos that you are allowed to watch without a membership are usually not full clips. They will show you bits and pieces, just to get you hooked. The full clips are actually posted from other websites, and below every video, you will get a link to that website as well.

With its user-friendly layout, you will easily navigate your way through the site and to the thing you are searching for. Now, if you truly want to enjoy the beauties of this website, you need to create your account. The registration is a free and a simple process, but that is not all you need to do.

The free registration will only make the browsing much easier, and you will get some other privileges such as uploading your own naughty clips. You can also search the videos with the big search box on top that works as one would expect it to and you can view the videos by their categories and tags.

There are a ton of different categories you can enjoy, and some of them are out of the ordinary. For example, you have tags such as whore, reality or of course, ex-girlfriend. There are many other tags that I am sure you will find arousingly entertaining, so make sure you check out their ‘categories ‘section.

Besides the clips, you will have a bunch of images as well. Most of these galleries are user-posted pictures, and you can view all of them as a member. Below the gallery, you will get to see which channel the images are from, and the models who were included.

As you should have already predicted, is a site that promotes many other great amateur websites, and because of this, you will have a special tab called ‘Sites’. In this section, you will be introduced to a ton of kinky websites that are all dedicated to a naughty act.

For example, you have websites such as Crazy Asian GFS, She Made US Lesbians, Ebony Sex Tape, Share My BF and so on. You will surely find your dirty fetish on one of these websites if you did not already get your naughty wishes fulfilled on

When you click on the site that you see as interesting, you will be taken to a page where you will see a small description of the website, and below that there will be a list of clips that you can watch from that site.

While this website is categorized as an amateur site, not all clips are genuine amateurs. Some of them feature experienced models or even porn actresses, but you will be already able to tell which clips are which.

Lucky for you, you can view all of the models of this site in their special section ‘Models’. These hotties do not have a profile like one would expect them to, but they will show all of the videos that they have posted on this website.

Now, when it comes to the premium section of this site, it is sad to say, but it does not really work. You can click on the ‘Premium GFS!’ tab, and you will be redirected to nowhere. However, even without that, this site is quite a catch for the lovers of amateur porn.

With your free membership, you still have an option to create your profile, post videos or pictures, save videos and album to your favorites, create a playlist and subscribe to other users. It is safe to say that you will surely enjoy your time spent on watchmyexgf, so make sure you visit the website and enjoy everything that it has to offer!

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