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Blogs can be so fun to read, especially the ones who are dedicated to the lives of numerous hot celebrity scandals, just like on If you are interested in reading some of the top stories of your favorite famous people, then this site might fulfill your curiosity.

This site is always up to date with their celebrity news, and if you came here for the juiciest news, you are bound to find something fun! First of all, what you might notice is that some of the celebrities have their own special sections, like Mariah Carey, Kim K, and Trump. You also have a special section for CocoPerez, Twitter, and PerezTV.

In the first segment, PerezHilton, you will have everything mashed together. There is a long list of the news that might interest you, and all you need to do is to just browse through. However, while you can find some naughty news as well, they are not all connected to nudity and similar subjects. For example, you can see Mel Gibson’s young wife who has finally given birth to his 9th child, or the new nail wire trend, which makes people wonder the craziest things. You will be able to view the whole entry of every article for free. Besides the usual topics it will cover, you will have few pictures or even a video attached to the article.

The CocoPerez section is quite similar to PerezHilton. Here you will again have a list of the articles that might interest you, and on the side, you can see some of the suggested top stories that are usually quite juicy; for example, you can read about Kendall Jenner falling asleep during a fake threesome with Bella Hadid & Riccardo Tisci.

Besides the top news, you might also notice a couple of annoying ads as well. However, they are not that difficult to ignore, as you also have a ton of examples of news that might interest you, and a couple of videos (usually from youtube).

The ‘Mariah Carey’ section is exactly what you would expect, a list of all of the articles that are in some way connected to this American singer. You can filter these articles by the sites they are from. The twitter section is, again, quite obvious. It is filled with tweets that in one way or another, ended up on the news and are somewhat interesting. Just like with the previous section, you can also filter them by sites.

The same principals apply to the next two sections, the Kim K. (which is filled with the news concerning Kim K. and her family) and Trump (which is filled with news about the new President). However, the last section is called ‘PerezTV’ and while it looks the same as all previous article parts, it offers only videos. Every video will have a title, tags a sentence or two about the topic, and of course, the playable video.

On top of the page, you have the trending news and a bit bellow that you will have an option to view every site in a different way (by photos or videos). You also have a shop section that will take you to their official site that sells a lot of interesting merchandise.

From the Big Mac cooking apron to a pillow that will break your couch (parody to the ‘Break the Internet’ picture from Kim K.). You can also purchase a onesie made out of images of Hilary Clinton’s faces together with a phone case filled with cute cat pictures. Simply put, PerezHilto thinks about everyone, as it delivers juicy and interesting news, pictures and videos, together with an option to create a  free account that lets you comment and favorite.

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