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Introducing themselves as home to 100% homemade clips of amateur girlfriends, how could any amateur-lover possibly resist The basic description of this site or well the story behind the clips is that the videos have been posted by a bunch of exes who are mad at their girlfriends, and now we get to enjoy them!

Of course, not all the clips have that same feeling to it, in many of them, the beauty is the one who wanted to post that clip and film it in the first place, but a lot of other videos sound quite scandalous, don’t they?

Well, at first glance, you might think that that is exactly what IKnowThatGirl has to offer, but with a second glance, you might think a bit differently. Simply put, I think that the clips on IKnowThatGirl were the ones that are usually submitted by women who want to be pornstars, and with their full knowledge, they were posted on the site.

Once you start searching for the clips, you will realize that the beauties are trying quite hard to recreate the ex-girlfriend experience, and some of the couples in the clips are actual couples; which cannot be hidden with their utmost passion.

While many of the clips might look like amateur videos, as the camera gets positioned in a certain place to make it seem so, the ones who love porn will know that that is not completely true. Especially when you run into a pornstar you already know about; that can ruin the illusion of amateurs to many of us.

Well, enough about the content you get to watch, what about the quality and quantity? You are presented with a bunch of clips you can enjoy. There are over 440 clips currently on the website and all of them come with a hot set of HD photos as well.

Even if that does not sound like too many clips, you will be happy to know that that number rises each week, as that is when they update the site. All the new clips will also have galleries added to them. All the clips can be viewed in HD, 1080p, quality.

The galleries can be downloaded for free (if you are a member), and you can download them in a .zip format, but that is a whole new story when talking about clips. If you want to download the clips in HD, you will have to pay an extra $10 for the VIP membership. This means that you have to pay for the membership price + the VIP option.

At this point, you are probably interested in the membership offers, right? Well, you have two different membership offers and 2 trial options:

– 2-day trial membership of $1.00

– 10-day full access of $9.99

– 1-month membership of $24.99

– 18-month membership of $89.99 where you can save up to %69

This is quite straight-forward to many of us; If you are unsure of the memberships, you should get the trial one or better the 10-day full access and if you already know that you want to be a part of this site, then you should sign up for the best offer.

If you do decide to get the VIP membership on top of your already paid one, you do get some other benefits as well. For example, the membership will include the exclusive content from the Mofos Vault together with thousands of added scenes that are not exclusive. But, the clips and images on in particular, are in fact, exclusive.

As for those who would rather stay a standard member, this is what you get to look forward to. You will get access to the full Mofos Network, which will include sites such as Pervs on Patrol or Let’s Try Anal. But, keep in mind that some of them are not updating anymore.

As a member, you can comment on any of the given videos from all of the sites you get, and you can also save them to your favorites, rate the scenes and sort them in that way as well. So, while the VIP membership does have a bunch of hot perks, the standard membership is not all that bad either.

You have about 400 different beautiful models to enjoy, together with live feeds, discounts and personal info. One thing that is annoying with the site overall, is the pagination. There are over 30 pages, but you are not allowed to jump from one page to the other which can frustrate those who are searching for their content.

Another thing to look out for is that if you decide to take the trial membership it will be renewed for $40/month, which is much higher than the original offer. But if you can ignore that and the fact that the downloads of clips will cost you extra, then you might want to visit!

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