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One of the better search engines for adult videos is definitely This site is meant for people who are over 15-years old since it is not strictly dedicated to pornographic content, but it is definitely not meant for children who can accidently stumble upon some erotic pictures. Microsoft said that its search engine, Bing, is better than Google (the market leader) because it uses a \”decision engine\” to help you get more informed results.

This site looks quite simple but yet stylish. Once you open the homepage, you will get a big search bar in the middle of the screen (almost), and few options from which you can choose on top. The search button is quite straight-forward, as it allows you to search for whatever you like. So feel free to type anything in the’s search box.

After writing what you want to see, you will be taken to the ‘Web’ page of the site. Here you will have all of the results with your word. Below the search box (after you already searched for something), you’ll have more options, images, videos, news and explore, and below that will be the number of results that are connected with your search phrase.

The ‘Web’ area will show you all of the results in a form of articles or other sites. The ‘Images’ area, is self-explanatory, as it will take you to a section where you will only see images that are, again, connected to the word or phrase you searched for.

After hovering over any of the images that are presented, you’ll get to see a close-up, and after clicking on the picture you will see it in full size. On the top, there are different filters for you to search for the images you want to see, such as the size, color, type…etc.

In the ‘Videos’ area, just like with the pictures, you’ll see all of the results of videos that are connected to your search. Here, if you hover over a video, the clip will play a part so you can see what it is about. Besides that, every video has its name, duration, views and which site it is from, and there is a part on the top with which you can filter your search as well (length, date, source…etc).

The ‘News’ part shows you the results of the news that have a certain word in it (the word/phrase you searched for). The articles can be sorted by the top stories, world, business, politics…etc, and you have similar details laid out just like for the ‘Web’.

On you can make an account, but you are not obligated to since everything is free. If you do make an account, you can place certain things you find in your ‘Saves’. On the top right corner, you will have the option to sign in and to view your settings. If you are not seeing adult content with your search, you should go to settings and change the ‘SafeSearch’ to ‘Off‘. You can easily find everything you want with this free search engine, so go to, and enjoy your stay.


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