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There are so many different and hot celebrities out there, and it is hard to keep track of their naughty acts, but with, you will always know what your favorite celebrity is up to! With such a simple, yet stylish design of the site, you will easily find your way around to the information that interests you, and the BestPornMenu is here to help you out.

At the homepage, you will be presented with some of the freshly posted new articles. However, even if you are able to see a ton of naughty celebrity-related topics, TMZ makes sure to cover everything and not just the juicy bits. For example, ‘A Dog’s Purpose‘, which is actually picked by Peta, where you will be greeted and taunted by the animal right activists, but then you can also see pictures of the Australian rapper Iggy Azalea making out with Lyaj¬†Currie, who is a music producer.

On top, you can choose from the news, sports, videos, photos, celebs, tours, store, and watch TMZ section. The news part gives you all kinds of news-related articles that you can enjoy, and just like that the sports section gives the sports news, and so on.

Every article is short, and it only shows you the most important things. You also have an option to tweet the article or share it on your facebook wall. Below the post, you will see the tags, a short video or even a photo gallery that is associated with that certain article.

If you are only interested in watching short scandalous videos of celebrities arguing or giving their opinions on certain subjects, then you should visit the ‘Videos’ tab. Here, you will have a list of only the videos from certain articles, that are usually not longer than 2 minutes.

However, if you prefer to list the galleries instead of spending time and watching videos, or reading posts, there is a special ‘Photos’ section just for that as well. Here you will have some of the categories presented to you, like the hot photos, sexy snapshots, celeb cribs, and many other. Every category has multiple galleries you can list through, so you will definitely find something that interests you. The galleries can be viewed by one picture at a time, or you can simply view the images by thumbnails.

Maybe you don’t see the article that would interest you, but you know which celebrity you would like to see, which is why there is also an option to search for articles by celebrities. In this section, you will have the top three celebrities listed, and below that, you will have a list of all of the celebrities that can be found on this site.

After clicking on any of the celebrities, you will be able to see their bio, which is powered by IMDb, and below their biography, there will be a list of the articles, photos, and videos that are connected to that particular celebrity.

When you click on ‘Tour’, you will be redirected to a page that offers you a tour through Hollywood and promises to show you great hotspots that are mostly visited by celebrities. On that tour, you’ll be able to hear some inside information about celebrities and their secrets. The tour is family friendly, as it allows kids from ages of 2+ to enter the tour as well.

There is also a special part of the website, where you can purchase a ton of interesting shirts, such as ‘the pope is dope’ or ‘Angelina stole Ross from Rachel’. Even if you can view everything without a membership, there is still an option to register. With your free account, you can comment on different topics and articles. TMZ is quite a user-friendly website, as it also allows you to call or send them a clip of any hot tape, picture or news you found!

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