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When it comes to porn clips or images, everyone has their own likes and dislikes, which is why there are many content-specific sites such as This is a free website specially made for horny gamers who would like to have a taste of their favorite champions.

Have you ever played League of Legends and thought to yourself, “This champion is quite hot, wonder how she would taste?”, well, now you can get a slight idea of that. Here you will find almost all the female champions in naughty acts.

The homepage is just everything meshed together, which is why you have the “Categories” tab on top, where you can choose from, Cosplay, Futanari, Yaoi, GenderBender, Footjob or Gif.

As you should already know, Cosplay will show you random beautiful girls dressed up as your favorite character usually in an innocent act, and sometimes in a naughty. Futanari, on the other hand, let’s your imagination run wild, as the female characters have now grown a pair!

GenderBender is also very straightforward, as you get to see the male characters become female while getting slammed hard; this also includes the yordles like Teemo, Fizz, Gnar… etc. The Footjob section is also very self-explanatory, as you get to watch both female and male champs give footjobs.

If you prefer to watch two cocks instead, do not worry, the Yaoi section is what you need. There you will get to see a lot of handsome, muscular and sweaty hot men as they engage in passionate lovemaking. So, choose your category wisely!

In addition, there is also a games section with about 11 different porn games; from “Evelynn’s free time” to “Summoners Quest”. After every game-story has ended and you have defeated your enemy or followed the rules, you will get to watch your favorite character get fucked.

However, that is actually not all they offer, there is even a Manga page where you will be presented with some of the kinkiest LoL manga with sexy female champions! Currently, there are over 36 manga, but this site is updated regularly, so you can expect a lot more.

If you prefer to see real ladies get banged instead, well, the “Videos” tab is all about cosplay chicks shagging. Watch your fantasy come to life as these lovely girls would just love to fulfill your dirtiest wishes.

In the end, if you are new on the site and you are not sure what you want to see, you can always click on the Random Picture and let the site decide for you. All in all, this site allows you to contact the admin if you have any complaints or problems, and you also have the option to give naughty suggestions.

For those of you who truly love playing League of Legends, you will surely have fun on this kinky website. In addition, you can submit your own content if you want (follow the rules), and since is truly one-of-a-kind, the BestPornMenu had to review it!

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