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Official Score9.0
  • Video Quality
  • content
  • design


  • Many Latina videos
  • Downloadable content
  • Free to use
  • Site is in Portuguese
  • Some ads and pop-ups

Many Latina beauties are just waiting for you on, and once you open the site, you will definitely have fun. These gorgeous ladies are here with just one purpose, they want to reach an orgasm as much as they want to pleasure their men.

This is a free website offering only the most beautiful Latina chicks, so if you are into the Portuguese women, you will just love to watch these videos. Once you click on any of the presented clips on the homepage, you will be taken to a page where you can enjoy watching that video for free. You can also like or dislike the video, and if you make a free account you can add the movie to your favorites or download it.

All of these clips are actually videos from other websites, so their quality can vary quite a bit. You can list the videos on the homepage by their category, if you only want galleries, images or videos, and you can also list them by date.

However, since the site is in Portuguese, you might have a difficult time finding your way around the perfect porn for yourself. On top, you have a bunch of options to choose from, but if you do not speak their language and you like the site, we suggest you continue reading our review.

The tab ‘Parceria’ is basically a partnership section, where they have their rules written if you want to share their website’s content. Simply put, you need to include and give them credit before you can use their videos on other websites.

In the ‘Widgets’ tab you also have a wall of text that simply states that you can now upload your own videos and after people click on them, they will be redirected to your site. This way, both you and get the views and the traffic.

If you have any questions concerning the site, its functions or you have stumbled on a problem, there is a contact page, ‘Contato’, where you can send a message to one of the admins. Here you can state anything that you have a problem with, but you will probably have to write a message in Portuguese, rather than English.

The ‘Videos’ was already explained since it is basically the homepage. You will have a ton of naughty videos presented, and every single video can be viewed and downloaded for free. Since almost all of them will take you to another site, you never know… you might discover a perfect site for yourself that you did not even know existed.

For the ones who are more interested in browsing naughty pictures of Latinas, instead of watching videos, the ‘Imagens’ tab will help you with that. Here, you will have a list of all of the galleries that can be found on this site, and once you open any of them, you will get to see the images. Some of these links might directly lead you to another site, while others will just tell you which site it is from.

All of the pictures that are linked from, are high-quality images, and some of them can even be downloaded. Above the listed galleries and videos, you will have some of the most searched tags presented (in a very messy way).

Simply put, this site is probably made for the people who actually speak Portuguese, but even if you do not know the language that does not mean you can’t enjoy what the site has to offer. is a site filled with the naughtiest Latinas who will use all of their creative ideas to make themselves and their partners cum.

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