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With so many different sexual ‘pleasures’ you can buy on, no wonder this site is considered as one of the better online adult shops. However, is not only dedicated to its naughty customers, it also has a ton of other products you can check out.

At first glance, this site might seem as innocent as a lot of other online stores, but once you start digging you are going to find many different naughty toys. The most popular and important items will be listed on the homepage, and with just a click you can start scrolling through.

While you might not need a profile to scroll through and browse for different items you can buy, if you actually want to purchase anything, you have to make one. The registration is completely free, you only have to pay for the items you order.

On the left side, you have a drop menu labeled ‘Departments’, where you have all of the items sorted by categories. Here you can find everything, from the physical and audio books to read or listen to, to the naughty toys that you can enjoy pleasuring yourself with.

Well, for the ones who are interested in different parts of the site, by all means, go right ahead and browse through… I am here to talk more about the naughty side of On top, you have a huge search box that is quite hard to miss. Here, you can type anything that might interest you, and there will be some suggested ideas that will come up. For example, if you simply type ‘sex’ in the search box, you can choose if you want to browse through ‘sex things for couples’, dice, handcuffs, toys… etc.

After you click on any of the given suggestions, or just proceeding with your original search, there will be a bunch of items listed for you to review. Without viewing the full details of the items, you will see the name, price, shipping cost and a button that lets you add it to your cart. The ‘add to cart’ option works similarly to the ‘favorite’ button on most porn sites, where you will have a special segment with all of your cart items. Meaning, you won’t have to go search for them over and over again, as they will appear on your profile.

If you are interested to know more about the product before buying it, after you click, you can view all of its details. Every seller has to list the correct details for the items they sell, together with a list of items you can expect to receive in the same package (batteries, instructions… etc). The shipment usually lasts about a month (give or take), but you also have an option to pay extra and receive your item in less than two days.

Below the item, you will have the reviews from other customers. Every member of the site can rate the item (preferably after receiving it) and leave a comment. This can help you see if the item you ordered is legit or a scam and if that is what you were looking for. You will also see the description of the product and some other similar items listed as well.

While there are so many items you can buy on, this site is not only meant for those who want to purchase something. After making your free account, you will also be able to sell your own products. To make your own business on, you will have to pay $39.99 a month + additional selling fees.

The great thing about this site is that if you receive your item and you are not satisfied (because the item was broken or damaged in the process), the majority of the sellers (if not everyone), will either return your money or ship you another item. This is why is a great place to buy anything, from a simple birthday present for your family members to a naughty gift that you can use with your significant other in the bedroom.

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