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cam giFor all of the amateur live cam lovers, there is an amazing webcam site that might have started out small, but now is one of the most known cam websites, the It is filled with beauties of all sizes and shapes, and it is definitely a site you should check out if you are into homemade live cams. However, to tell you what this site is really about, the BestPornMenu decided to review it, just to make it easier.

The first time you try to enter this site, you will have to agree with their conditions, which state that you need to be of legal age to watch these cams. Once you click ‘I agree’, you will be redirected to their site.

Right off the bat, you will be presented with thousands of featured cam shows that are live at that exact moment. Since this is one of the rare cam sites that are truly free, you can simply click on any of the presented cams and you will get to watch those models perform. However, while most of the cam sites are filled with only women, this webcam website welcomes everyone. On top of the first page, you will even get to choose what you want to see from females, males, couples, trans, or you can click on the specific tags.

The next tab is also very popular, and it is called ‘Broadcast Yourself’. It does exactly what you would suspect, it takes you to the signup page, where you can make your free account. Once you are a member you can open more than three live cam shows and watch them at once. You can also comment on other acts and even hold your own act.

There is a special tab called ‘Tags’, which is quite helpful as well. It will show you all of the tags that can be seen on the site, and beside every tag, you’ll have a couple of suggestions of the people who are currently online. You can sort the tags by, all tags, female tags, male tags, couple tags and trans tags. For the ones who want to know a little bit more about the site itself, you have the ‘Blog’ tab, which will simply take you to their blog page. thinks about everyone, as they also have a tab called the ‘Sugar Dating’. After clicking on that, you’ll be taken to a signup page, where you’ll get to meet all kinds of men and women who would gladly be your sugar mommies/daddies. However, you can also become a sugar daddy yourself.

If you want to have a special chat with your preferred model, you can request a private session (if you are a member) where the girl will perform just for you. However that will cost extra, and if you do not want to pay for a private session, but you still want to watch her get dirty, then you can gift her tokens. The token system is quite simple actually, every token you buy, you can gift to your girl. There is a certain amount of tokens she needs to do a certain act, and that can usually be seen bellow her profile, where every girl will have a small bio as well.

Overall, is quite an amazing site, that gives you access to all of their cam shows. But, sometimes the private cam shows will cost you extra and while they are usually cheap, they can also be expensive, depending on the model and the show you are watching. Nevertheless, is an amazing site who will satisfy all of your kinky needs for amateur live cam shows!

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