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There is always a reason why the BestPornMenu decided to write a review about a certain website, and is no different. We decided to help you choose your own preferred site, especially if you are into the beautiful Indian chicks!

As I already hinted, here you can expect to see only the Indian beauties as they get slammed in different ways, or when they host solo acts just for us! They love to expose a lot of naughty bits, and you will find yourself addicted to their performances.

At the beginning, you will have some of the videos listed, with their ratings and a total number of views. You also have an ability to list them by the most recent, popular, most viewed, top rated or longest. Since videos of Indian chicks are usually all amateur and they tend to be low in quality, here you have an option to filter your videos by their quality.

However, when you click on the HD filter, it seems that there are no HD videos on the site, because after clicking on any of the presented categories with that filter, you just get a black page. On the other hand, when you are searching for homemade videos of Indian babes, you kind of expect them to be low-quality since they are usually filmed with a phone or a bad camera.

Currently, there are over 15 categories on this site, and they range from the usual anal fucking acts to the scandalous celebrity clips. There are 3000+ clips as well, and every single clip features a pretty Indian slut who loves to slam! However, if the categories section did not help you find what you are searching for, on top you also have a search button to help you out. Here you can write whatever you want to see, and if there is a video with that word in the title, it will be listed below.

Every video can be watched for free, but there is also an option to create your own profile. On the side, you will have the category that video can be found in, along with the tags and a link to the uploader’s profile. If you want to register, on top you have a Login or Register button. The signup process is quite simple and fast, which is why I suggest you create your own free account.

With an account, you will be able to make a favorites playlist for yourself, and add other users as friends. There is even an option for you to chat with them, subscribe, add a comment to their videos, and view all of the videos they have posted. But, if a user is being rude to you, or he/she is spamming you with inappropriate things, you also have an ability to block the user. Once you become a member, on top of the page, there is an ‘Upload’ button that will help you do just that, upload your own videos.

If you want to list all of the members of the site, you can click on the ‘Members’ button… but it looks like that currently there are only 12 users who are posting videos. You can sort them by gender, age, location, region or city.

The site also offers a link to, which is a place filled with erotic Indian stories. There is another link beside that one, labeled as ‘Hindi Sex Videos’, and it offers gorgeous Hindi babes getting banged. However, that whole website is in the Hindi language as well.

Anyone who enjoys spending their time with one hand down their pants and the other one on the mouse scrolling through a big amount of Indian videos, will just love this site. It does not look like it is fully finished, but that does not mean that does not offer some of the most irresistible Indian babes!

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