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While the tour page of will not really show you a lot, you should not give up on this website. Rather, you should read the BestPornMenu’s review, and see what this site is all about. The tour page will let you see just some gifs of what one would think they can expect to see on the site, but in reality, the site offers much better content.

With a name like, how can you miss the point of the site? Well, this place will show you the naughty side of hot teen university chicks and what they love to do in their dorms when nobody is watching! This is an amateur dorm site that will fulfill all your dirty wishes of hot dorm babes!

As you have probably guessed, nothing this good can come free, right? Well, is a premium site that offers four different membership offers:

– 2-day trial of $1.00 (rebills $30/month)

– 1-month access of $29.99

– 3-month access of $19.99

– 12-month access of $9.99

Keep in mind that purchasing a trial membership might be a good idea if you want to look around, but getting the 1-year membership offer allows you to save up to 83%! But this all depends on you, if you want to just take a look or become a permanent member instead.

Another thing to keep in mind is that with any of the memberships you will get access to 5 bonus sites as well. Those sites are Crazy College GFs, Black GFs, Crazy Asian GFs, Horny Birds and GF Revenge, and just by reading those titles you can see that they are more or less similar sites when it comes to their content.

We all know that teen college babes only have two things on their mind when they are not in class, and those are fucking and partying; maybe not in that order. Well, this site is filled with clips of naughty sex acts, that were supposedly submitted by college chicks who wanted to compete and get a cash prize.

The tour page even says that it did hand out a cash prize of $10k to a couple of winners in Texas. However, while today you still get the mention of user-submitted videos, there is no clear evidence or a link to the prizes that you can win or a link to submit the footage.

In my opinion, it is a bit weird to think that content this hot is actually user-submitted, aka amateur; and that is purely because the camera action is too good and they are mostly HD clips. Many participants in these clips look absolutely stunning, and they could probably pass for amateurs, but as you go through these scenes you’ll realize that they are not really amateur.

The amateur clips are filmed in an amateur way, and you’d expect to see at least one nerdy girl who is clumsy or a creepy dude who is just masturbating while watching a clip of his babe. But, overall, all the clips are done in a great way, which is what makes it difficult to believe they are amateur.

With that out of the way, you might be interested to know that there are over 170 scenes you can enjoy, and they usually last about 50 minutes Now, that is not that many scenes, I agree, but they are mostly filmed in HD and you have an option to download them.

You will also get about the same amount of galleries as clips, but them you are not able to download. In one gallery you will have 400 pictures on average, which is great. Across the network, you will get to see over 1500 models, and lucky for you there is no download limit.

The content here is all exclusive, even if it says that it is user-submitted. The site has the usual design, which allows you to find your way around quite easily. One thing that really gets me down is that this site was founded in 2011, but there is not that much content to enjoy; but they still keep growing, slowly.

Overall, this is not a bad site for those who never had a dorm life and want to see how things were. I personally never lived in a dorm, but after watching some of the clips on, I sure wish that I had a dorm life as well.

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