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For those who love to take a sneak peak into the lives of hot celebrities, is a great option. This website is dedicated to bringing the naughtiest news concerning your favorite celebrities,  so if that sounds like something you’d want to be a part of, just continue reading.

At first glance, this site might seem like your usual news website, but it is quite different. The style of writing is casual enough for everyone to understand but professional enough for it to be put in an article that you’d want to read.

The homepage will show you the goodies that you can read, and here you have all kinds of articles. From the usual news about Ellen DeGeneres and her wife to the weirder new’s titles “Well that was fun” with a thumbnail of ‘Bad Luck Brian’ meme.

However, you can also find the naughtier side of the articles, where you can read about ‘Pretty people doing things’, or something like ‘Jeana Turner really likes water’, where this brunette beauty will happily pour water on herself while in her see-through bikini. If you are lucky enough, you will even find extra pictures attached to the article.

While most of the things posted on this site are news articles, there are some naughty galleries as well, and they are all related to famous people. For example, I found an article, with a .gif attached to it, where a famous plus-sized model named Ashley Graham was topless while covering her boobs with donuts.

On the top of the site, you have two navigation options to choose from, the photos and bikinis. After hovering over the photos, you will again get to choose from: Candid, Red Carpet, Hot Bodies, Sightings, Most Important People, and ‘Crap We Missed’.

These are all quite self-explanatory, but let’s go over them just in case. The ‘Candid’ option will list all the articles that are related to celebrity life. In the ‘Red Carpet’ section, you will see all of the people who were on the red carpet with a small article attached that delivers naughty news, for example, ‘Yup, Emma Watson Wants To Fuck A Lion’ is one of their latest articles.

‘Hot Bodies’ is a section that will show you just that, a bunch of articles related to the hottest of celebrity beauties, the same goes for ‘Sightings’. While the ‘Most Important People’ will show you articles of only the most famous celebrities and their scandals, the ‘Crap We Missed’ section is filled with a little bit of everything.

With all that explained, you can now easily open your favorite section and enjoy reading about other people’s lives. However, if you want only the juicy bits, just click on the ‘Bikinis’ tab, and enjoy watching those naughty pictures. On you can expect to see all kinds of scandalous articles about famous people, together with the mischievous bits, which is why the BestPornMenu recommends you give it a shot.

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