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  • Some ads and pop-ups
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When you are in a naughty mood and you feel like spending some of your free time watching ebony hotties bang, you should visit If this is an unfamiliar site to you, once you open the homepage, you will automatically start to browse. The always makes sure to hook their customers from the very beginning, displaying the juiciest bits at the homepage.

However, the tab that you must be searching for is right beside the ‘Home’ tab, and it is called the ‘Videos’. Here you will have a full list of all of the videos that you can browse and enjoy watching. With over 9900 clips that HoodAmateurs has to offer, you will never run out of new material, especially since they keep adding more!

Without clicking on any of the presented clips, you will see a number of likes and views it has, together with the day it was posted on and the duration. When you click on the video, you will have an interesting option that their player allows, which is the ability to zoom in on the clip and view it in slow motion.

If you do not feel like scrolling through this massive amount of amateur clips, you have a few of the categories presented on the left side. Currently, there are only five categories you can choose from, and they cannot really be considered as your usual tags. Since these categories are not very helpful, you can use the search bar on top. You can filter your results by videos photos, users, pornstars or forum. However, since there are no pictures, forums or pornstars on this site, you are not really able to search for them.

As you might have guessed, there is an option to create a free account, which will give you some of the following perks; the ability to upload your own videos and pictures, customize your profile (add a profile picture, details), comment on any video, create a favorites playlist, and even download the videos. You can download either an MP4 Mobile version of 240p or an MP4 of 360p. The only thing you can do without the free account is to leave a like/dislike and, of course, watch the clip.

HoodAmateurs offers a link to the live webcam sessions, opening the page of ebony cuties right from the start. This webcam website is actually a part of their site, and it is called the There is also a special link to a site filled with black tranny sex tapes and another that takes you to black gay men who love to fuck.

Since the site does not look like it is finished yet, you might encounter some minor issues. However, HoodAmateurs does have a contact page where you will be able to send the feedback and ask them anything you do not understand and explain the problems you’ve been having on the site. There is a FAQ on the side, that offers a link to the full document, but, as you might have guessed, it does not work… hence why I say that this site is not fully finished.

There will be some annoying ads that will flash on the side, with small pop-up chats, but it is not difficult to ignore them when the site gives such an enormous amount of naughty ebony clips. Even though is not a fully finished site, it does promise quite a lot, and it is perfect for anyone who truly enjoys watching ebony gals and handsome black rods have loads of lovemaking sessions.

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