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  • Video Quality
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  • HD clips
  • Dark theme
  • Downloadable clips
  • Only one niche
  • Pricey memberships

We all know what a site with the name of has to show us. The homepage of this site will show you all you need to know, as this site is filled with hot girls who love to massage their men, and vice-versa.

Unlike many other massage parlors, this one cares that their clients get the happy ending they deserve. You will get to watch hot babes and men all over the world who share the love for massages with a hot ending, as they are all share on this website.

This is quite a special site filled with hotties who love to store and men who prefer to make their ladies orgasm. But, this place will not be free, and you will have to create a profile with three different membership offers.

– 3-month membership of $79.95

– 6-month membership of $149.95

– 12-month membership of $195.95

In addition, currently, holidays are approaching, and at this time you will have a holiday special; right now the offer is $19.95, but it does not really say how long it lasts, so it can be very confusing to even purchase it.

As you can see, the prices are quite high on this site, and you might be wondering if this is all worth it, right? Just keep reading this review, and you will be able to judge for yourself if you want to become a part of their community or not.

While this site only covers one niche, there are simply some niches that we never want to ignore; and lucky for you, SpyTug is simply one of those sites that knows how to satisfy us even with only one niche at our service.

After you become a member you will probably want to watch all the clips that are presented in one sitting, right? Well, you must know that there are at least two new videos uploaded every week, which means that you will get a regular amount of content to enjoy.

Most of these clips will start with just a normal massage that is being filmed casually, and after some time you will get to see how a pair of magical hands can turn a normal massage into an arousing experience. These babes have a way to make the massage even better, and from time to time they will exchange their hands and use their mouths instead.

You will be able to tell that this is not a professionally scripted site with just one glance at how the videos are being filmed. Most of them are filmed in a darker room where hot babes love to massage cocks. However, you will also get a fair share of ladies getting a massage instead, or lesbian girls spreading their legs.

There are about 173+ clips on this site currently and the usual niches that are covered are handjob and massage. You are able to download the clips and watch them in HD or SD quality. Besides that, you will also be offered the same amount of galleries as there are clips, and you will be happy to know that all of this content is exclusive.

The design of the site is quite dark, which makes it perfect for a nightly routine. There are also a couple of tutorials on the site that show you how to convince your masseuse that she can give you some tugging action because you are not a cop. You will also be given tips that will help you know how to make the beauty feel comfortable in different positions for tugging. 

The navigation on this website is quite easy to understand and use, and it does have the feel of an amateur website. The design is minimalistic, which is not a good or a bad thing, and because of the dark theme, you will get to concentrate on the videos much easier.

Overall, this is a site for those who share the love for tugging action, because nothing else can be seen here. So, if you love to watch hotties or lesbians share their pleasure makers while giving handjobs, blowjobs and massages then you should visit SpyTug.

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