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  • No advance search options

Have you ever wondered if all the celebrity gossips are true? Well, if you have, you should check out, which is a site filled with all kinds of rumors that came to life.

The site itself is made in a dark tone, which just shows the secrets that it hides. There are not that many browsing options, as all you get is to browse the news by scrolling or searching for them using the basic search box.

However, while they do lack the advance search options, you will surely enjoy your time.  All the pages have about 13 different naughty news, and currently there are only 11 pages to scroll through; making that about 143 different erotic news.

When you click on the news article, you will be given an explanation on the side. Lucky for you, even if you do not who the girl in the tape is, you will get to learn now, since gives rather solid and interesting descriptions.

However, besides the description, you will be able to see the video as well. The video will be presented a bit shorter than the real one, as you would have expected, since you have to become a premium member to be able to download and watch the full clip.

The videos that you have to subscribe for are hosted here from a website called There are different subscriptions that you can purchase:

– The 4-day trial membership of $3.75

– The 30-day membership of $30.99 (the most popular one)

– The 90-day membership of $45.99

– The 180-day membership of $56.99

– The 1-year membership of $90.99

With any of the memberships above, you will be able to access 18+ movies, that are usually an hour long. You can watch all of the celebrity clips in full length and streaming is amazing. So if you like watching naughty tapes of celebrities banging, visit!

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