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There are still many of us who enjoy reading the usual interesting news about celebrities, on sites just like Once you visit the site, you will see just why the BestPornMenu decided to write this review.

The site itself looks a bit outdated and plain, but it does the job of helping you navigate your way through. You will have loads of different articles to choose from. For example, you have articles with titles such as “Sophie Turner Oral Education …” or “See Jennifer Lawrence’s Nips In See-Through Top”, which means that you never know what to expect

When you open an article, you will get a story that is simple yet interesting and short. This is great for the people who like to get straight to the point, as every article will also have a small attachment, like a picture or a video.

If you are only interested in the videos and pictures that are in the articles, the menu on the top of the site will allow you to browse only that. Articles usually contain more than one picture, so you are in for a real treat!

In addition, you also have a special segment for the videos, so you really can’t know what to expect from this site. You will have all kinds of kinky and innocent clips that will surely satisfy your curiosity.

You can also list the articles by TV & Film, which means that you will get to see only articles that are related to movies. There is even the ‘Gaming’ tab that lets you see articles related to gaming.

If you want to see the list of celebrities that can be viewed on this site, you can do so by clicking on “Celebs”, and you also have a link that leads you to which is a site dedicated to webcam beauties.

Those who were searching for something much juicer, you should click on the “All Stars (NSFW)”, where you will see all kinds of beauties topless! One thing’s for certain, this site offers the juiciest news about the hottest celebrities, so if you have a celebrity crush, you should definitely visit

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