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With so many different dating sites online, the decided to do a review on one of the most popular ones, which is the The reason behind this is because all of us come across numerous dating websites (probably on a daily basis), but we are never sure if the site itself is legit or not.

When you first open, you will see a ton of gorgeous women and some short erotic clips of even hotter babes. Even though the girlsĀ who are presented on the bottom are labeled as the ‘online members’, you can’t really click on them or see anything else but their profile picture and name. In the center of the site, you will see just how many female members are close to you at this moment. After clicking that you are 18 or older, you will have to answer two other questions for the site to see if you are eligible to enter.

However, after clicking on ‘Let me in’, you will be redirected to another site. At first, I thought this was an ad or something along those lines, so I tried the whole signup process again. This time it redirected me to a completely different site, which is where I decide to do some digging.

Simply put, is not a dating website per say, but it is a site that promotes other dating websites. While this sounds a bit weird at first, it is not all that bad, since it usually sends you to dating websites from your area, which will definitely help you find your partner faster.

However, I must add that this is meant for people who want to explore other less popular or even popular sites at random since will usually send you to different dating websites and sometimes it might show you just a porn site instead of the dating one (that happens rarely). So, if you ran out of ideas of which site you would like to try out next, why not let pick it out for you.

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