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Official Score7.8
  • Video Quality
  • content
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  • Free to use
  • 27.600+ Asian porn clips
  • Free and Premium account
  • No galleries
  • Some ads and pop-ups

Everyone who enjoys watching Asian chicks getting fucked and pleasured will surely enjoy their stay on While this site does have a rather odd name for a porn website, it will surely deliver the goods, offering loads of porn videos of Asian chicks who just want to bang.

Somehow, the design is already expected to be plain, since the name of the site is chicken8, but that does not mean that the content of the site is not high quality. Not to mention that there are over 27.600 videos on this website, and they all feature horny Asian chicks.

You can list the videos by the given obvious options, or you can use the search button on top. There is also a tab for the categories, that will help you find your perfect masturbation material. There are about 20 different categories, that are quite basic, but you also have a few that are out of the ordinary; for example, the tag ‘funny’.

Whichever video you choose to watch, you can watch it for free. You can also rate it by clicking on one of the 5 eggs, which is quite funny for obvious reasons, of course. However, to rate, comment, or add the video to your favorites, you need to create an account. Lucky for you, the registration is free and it allows you to save your own personal favorites!

You can choose if you want to create a free membership or a premium one. However, the site does not really specify what you get if you choose the premium option, as it only states that you can save videos, leave comments and utilize other advanced features.

Nevertheless, the premium membership offers are:

– 30 days membership of $19.95 (non-recurring)

30 days membership of $19.95 ($15.00 recurring every 30 days)

– 365 days membership of $79.95 (non-recurring)

– 180 days membership of $43.95 (non-recurring)

There is also the ‘Photos‘ tab from which you would obviously expect to see some pictures right? Well, unfortunately, you just get an empty tab instead. However, this site does promote, which is a live cam website offering only gorgeous Asian webcam girls.

Excluding the fact that some parts of the site do not work, and that there are annoying ads and some pop-ups, this is a great website. While doesn’t have a name that screams ‘Asian Porn!’, it really does deliver with its huge among of naughty Asian clips.

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