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The ‘fb’ in might not mean what you think it does! As soon as you visit this sight you will understand that it means that all of the beauties presented here are black and fabulous. You can also read that in the ‘About’ page on the website.

With the above -description, you should already know if this site is a place you would want to visit. It is filled with all kinds of naughty celebrity news that include black beauties in a way. While the homepage is filled with random news, you do have some options by which you can list them all.

Below every suggested article, you will have a bunch of tags that you can click on and only related articles will show. While all of these news are not sexual, in every article you will get some related photos, and sometimes they can be rather juicy.

For those who are only interested in the pictures, you have the ‘Photos’ tab that will only display images. Since, as this site says, they can’t get to every piece of news, which is why they have a podcast section on the site where you can listen to the quirky Natasha say everything that we have been thinking.

At the very beginning, when you first open this site you will get an option to give your email and get daily news, but if you missed that you can also type your email on the right side of the site and subscribe.

On top, you also have options to list the articles by ‘News’ and ‘Music’, and if you want anything to share with the admin of the website, you can send him a message in the ‘Tip’ section. So, if you have a special place in your heart for the black celebrities, you will surely love

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