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Some of us like to watch our porn content online while others prefer to have it downloaded on their PC, and lets you do just that. Since this site does not offer too many options, there is not a lot that can be said, but the BestPornMenu did cover all the important bits.

For example, as you might have noticed, there are not really any categories on the site, except the ones on the right, where you have to choose from clips and xxx, if those can be called categories. Even as you open the downloadable clips, you will not see the tags of the video.

But that does not matter that much, because every clip will have a bunch of screenshots that will help you see if that video is the one you are looking for. Other than that you do have some minor details about the file you can download.

When it comes to the actual download, you have the download links at the bottom of the page, but they all lead to a site called Here you have three options, you can either download for free, download as a registered user or as a premium user. All of these downloads have their ups and downs and, of course, the premium download gives you the best options.

While the free and registered downloads are similar, they do differ in some areas. For example, with the free download, you have the download speed of 100.00 KBps while as the registered user you get up to 450.00 KBps. The waiting time is also different for about 20 seconds, together with the number of days that your file will be kept.

One big difference is that the registered account will allow you to manage the uploaded files and instead of waiting about 15 minutes per download, you will wait 3 minutes. However, that is not even close to the premium options you get.

With the premium account, you get maximum download speed that will start instantly. You do not have any of the annoying ads around you, and the download usually takes about 20 seconds. But, as with every other premium account, it will cost you and you have five different options:

– 1-month membership of $12.00

– 3-month membership of $24.00

6-month membership of $36.00

– 1-year membership of $48.00

– 2-year membership of $60.00

There are also different methods of payment that are listed below. If you have a voucher code, you can get some great discounts, and you can input the voucher code after going to the premium section. So, if you like to download porn clips to your PC, I highly suggest you check out

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