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  • 50+ tags
  • 337.000+ porn clips
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  • Dated design

While some of us like to watch porn online, others prefer to have everything on their PC, which is why the BestPornMenu suggests you should visit PornShare. This website will allow you to watch your favorite porn clips online, and download them at the same time!

When you first open this website, you might mistake it for some random ad, but do not be fooled by its dated and plain design, because delivers the goods. You will have a list of all of the naughty videos displayed in a random manner, and on the sides, you will have a top list of websites dedicated to porn and a list of tags.

There are over 50 different tags you can choose from, and a total of 337.000+ pornographic clips. If you already know what you would like to watch, besides the option to browse by the categories, you also have a search box on top that will help you out.

After you find the video you would like to download or watch, you just have to click on the button that says just that, ‘Download or Watch’. You will then be redirected to a page that has a description of the movie, few screenshots, the name of the featured pornstar, video language, and of course, the size of the video.

However, while you do not have to create an account, if you would like to download anything, you should make a Premium account. There are actually 7 different membership offers:

1) 2-day trial membership of $3.00 then $14.00/month

2) 15-day membership of $12.00

3) 30-day membership of $17.00 then $14.00/month

4) 90-days membership of $37.00

5) 180-days membership of $66.00

6) 365-day membership of $116.00

Above premium memberships include:

– Unlimited streaming and fast downloads

– No waiting time and no ads

– Unlimited parallel downloads

– Resume the aborted downloads

– Single link instead of multipart archives

– Support for download accelerators

With this said, you can rest assured that this site is worth every penny. However, you do not have to create an account to browse through everything, but you will need one to download and watch videos. This is why is a great choice for anyone who truly enjoys watching naughty porn clips.

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