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  • File hosting site downloads is a porn site where you will be able to find all kinds of direct downloads to some of the best porn videos on the internet in amazing 4K quality. The site follows a forum format, which might make it a bit unappealing for both practice and visuals as it is not the most optimal way to browse for porn.

As you enter the homepage, you will land on the all clips section where you will see threads of newest porn videos by date, and all of them will have a promo image if they originally have on so you can find things you are looking for with ease.

Due to its forum format, it is highly advised that you register for an account since the registration is free, and it will take you only a couple of seconds as you don’t need to confirm your e-mail or anything at all. One thing that might slow you down is that some parts of the registration process are in Russian, like a couple of other things on the site, but they are not of great relevance and can be easily ignored.

Upon registering , you will be able to access all of the threads, use the search to its full potential, comment on threads (videos), and use all of the features you can expect a forum to have such as private messaging other people, save favorite threads and more.

When it comes to videos, as mentioned earlier they are mostly in the amazing 4K resolution, however as you back into the archives, you will find lower and lower resolutions due to the better ones not being that popular or available yet. You cannot stream videos on the website, however, you can download them all.

The catch with downloading videos is that you will be taken to a completely different site, mostly a file hosting site that will ask you to purchase a premium account due to files being too big to download compared to the other content the file hosting sites provide. The most common file host used is, and the premium account will cost you from $19.95/Month to $10.82/Month depending on the subscription choice.

Overall, is a great website if you are looking for porn that comes in incredible quality from multiple sources that would usually require you to purchase separate memberships that will overall cost a lot more.

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