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With the name such as, we all know what this site is actually about. If you love watching hotties in naughty clips that were posted by their ex, then this is a great site for you. But keep in mind that these are not genuine amateur videos, even though the name would suggest that. These are simply staged-to-look-amateur videos that you will surely enjoy.

One thing that you will see right from the start is that this site offers all kinds of chicks who are usually in their teens, and every single one of them is pretty. They really do pay attention to the sexy chicks they cast, because it will be difficult for you to choose your favorite.

A site that offers such a treat to its users is not free, which should have been obvious since this is a premium website. Well, you have three different membership offers together with a 2 day trial offer that costs $1.00.

– 1-month full access of $29.99

– 3-month full access of $19.99

– 12-month full access of $7.50

As you can see, the best offer you get is the last membership which gives you 83% discount. If you ask me that is more than a good offer, so if you intend to spend some quality time on this site, then you should definitely choose that option.

Currently, you can expect to see over 433 videos on this site, and those are movies that are usually made in a POV style. However, you also have a fair share for those who prefer solo babes, and those will, of course, not be shot in a POV.

Since these are all staged breakups and fights, which is how the movies will usually start. The cameraman and the beauty will have a fight while doing casual everyday routines, which will later result in filming a naughty clip and posting it online for everyone to see.

However, this does not mean that all the clips will begin in that order because you also have the kinkier clips on the side. For example, one of the clips showed a passionate couple that started banging outdoors and moved their naughty session inside, while the other couple continued to bang in front of everyone.

This site allows both streaming and downloads options, and lucky for you all the new videos they add are all HD. This means that you will find some of the lower quality clips when it comes to their old content, but that is somewhat understandable and the quality is not that bad.

Just like many premium sites offer today, you will also have the picture sets too. Currently, there are over 430 galleries you can enjoy and they can vary in content and with the beauties they choose to show. For example, there is a gallery that shows beautiful chicks in volleyball outfits who enjoy doing stretches. While this gallery does not show any nudity, in particular, you will surely enjoy their slutty outfits.

However, you also have the naughtier sessions where a couple or just a beauty will give you a nice act. For example, my favorite types of galleries are the ones that feature a hot solo girl who will take selfie shots while getting naked and displaying her warmest bits to the camera.

This just shows that while there are many different scenes you can enjoy, there are also that many different chicks as well; from busty beauties to flat, skinny to chubby, brunettes to blondes and so on. This all depends on what your personal preference is.

If you already know what you want to see you can use the search box and find your poison. You also have different browsing options that can help you out, but they are quite limited when it comes to search options.

Well, if you got hooked on this site, then you will be happy to know that there are regular weekly updates you can look forward to. But that only applies to videos, because the galleries seem to be added randomly.

Sometimes we just want to get back at our boyfriend or girlfriend and post a kinky clip online without their permission. Well, this is a site that offers just those clips, but they are staged and not genuine amateur clips. So, if that sounds like something you’d enjoy, just visit GFRevenge!

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