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  • Free to use
  • 280+ hentai manga
  • Plain design
  • Some ads and many pop-ups

With so many manga that you can read on, you will never get bored. All of these manga are dirty hentai comics meant to give you a nice boost in your pants, as they offer a variety of juicy anime bits.

The has a rather plain design but it works perfectly with the content they offer. At the homepage, you will be presented with the newest uploads, which you can all read for free. The manga are listed randomly, so if you have a particular fetish when it comes to hot anime girls, you should click on the ‘Doujinshi tags’.

With over 100 tags to choose from, you are definitely going to find your preferred one. There are all kinds of naughty categories, from the tsundere manga to the lolicon and maids. You can even search for hentai manga by typing or clicking on the name of an already existing anime, for example, Clannad, Elfen Lied, Code Geass…etc.

However, there is also an option to list all of the manga on this site by the first letter of their name. There are over 280 manga you can read, and they are all doujinshi manga. If you have just started liking anime and manga and you are unfamiliar with some of the terms on this website, you can always ask Google to help.

In the tab ‘News‘ you will be able to read a ton of news concerning the new and already existing manga, but for now, that is just an empty page. While there is a button ‘Subscribe‘, which kind of hints that you can create an account, it is quite the opposite. This might just be a bug, but for now, that button will just take you to a strange-looking page with some pictures and walls of text.

This site offers the English translation to the naughtiest hentai manga series. Therefore, if you are a big anime-lover, and you like to watch your favorite characters get a bit kinky with each other, make sure to visit

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