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Interesting Psychology Of BDSM Lovers
August 1, 2019
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As Wiseman once said: “A pervert is anybody kinkier than you are.” and we can all probably agree with that statement. There are a lot of misconceptions when talking about the love for hardcore BDSM pornography, especially after the novel Fifty Shades of Grey has introduced BDSM to the public. After that, there have been… [Read the full review]

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VR Porn Is Changing The Way We Masturbate
July 23, 2019
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When Virtual Reality porn was first introduced to the public, everyone was quite excited thinking of all the ways they will be able to get off. But, once the VR porn actually came to be, all that excitement disappeared. Everyone expected a new, revolutionizing way to lead us to incredible pleasures, but we were just… [Read the full review]

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Are Porn Games the next big thing?
October 4, 2017
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In today’s world, there are so many different fetishes that some of them might actually surprise you. Well, in a way, the desire to play sex games can also be considered as one of them, since many people get off while interacting with game girls as you get to virtually please them. Because of this,… [Read the full review]

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