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Official Score7.7
  • Video Quality
  • content
  • design


  • A lot of videos
  • Free downloads
  • Free Registration
  • Some Ads
  • Few HD videos
  • Mediocre Video Listing

Websites like that have user-uploaded content always have a couple of exclusive videos that you will not find on another porn site, and that is what makes websites like this great. This porn site is also not limited to amateur and homemade content as any type of upload is approved.

You will be able to find a big number of videos, and the amount the website offers increases as the registered users upload their videos. You can also register for free and upload videos yourself if that is what you want to do.

Accessing the videos that the website offers is quite easy as you will immediately get a list of videos as you enter the homepage. Searching for other videos of is fairly simple as the search engine recognizes most of the keywords. There is also a category section with preview images to help you around.

The videos have a rating system and a view count; however, you can not list the videos by top rated or most viewed. When you watch a video, you can not change the resolution you are watching it in, but you can download it for free with a click of a button.

The site seems to have “live sex” and “meet & fuck” buttons, however, they seem to be out of function as they will just refresh the page when you click them. Besides these buttons not working, another thing that might get in the way of your browsing for porn are the few ads that pop around here and there.

If you are looking for a porn site that offers a lot of porn videos that are uploaded by the users of the website, then might be a good place for you as you have a chance to find some exclusive homemade content.

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