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Those of you who are searching for a place that ofefrs a lot of naughty fun in ‘cartoon’ for, you might want to check out On this website, you will get to see all kinds of arousing content that might just make your day better.

Starting with the simple design, and a friendly layout, this will get you hooked from the start. However, if you do not fancy the animated pornography, I suggest you check out some other websites that the BestPornMenu has to offer.

At the front page, as with any other homepage, you will get a bunch of random manga suggested. If you like what you see in the thumbnail, you can click on the ‘continue reading’ button and enjoy the rest of the manga.

However, these manga cannot be read on the site, but they can be downloaded to your PC. All of these manga can be downloaded for free, but maybe the Premium option is much better for those who intend to download more hentai. In addition, before you get to see the links for the downloads, make sure that you enter the CAPTCHA correctly.

There are usually two provided links where you can download, and On, you have the following options:

A Free download:

– 50 Kb/s or if you register you get 70 KB/s

– A file of about 400 MB will take about 2h and 26 min to download

– You can download a file every

– You can’t have simultaneous downloads, Direct/Hot linking, and your download will not start instantly

A Premium Download:

– Unlimited

– A file of 400 MB will take about 1 min and 12 sec to download

– You can download files simultaneously without any download restriction

– You have Direct/Hot linking and the download starts immediately

However, the premium download options will cost you, and you have a bunch of memberships (points allow you to upgrade your account):

– 48 h membership of 4.99 € (5.99 USD), and you get 500 points

– 1 month membership of 9.99 € (11.99 USD), and you get 1000 points

3 months membership of 24.99 € (29.99 USD), and you get 2.000 points             

– 6 months membership of 39.99 € (46.99 USD) and you get 6000 points

– 1 year membership of 69.99 € (81.99 USD), and you get 7000 points      

– 2 years membership of 99.99 € (116.99 USD), and you get 9000 points

On, you also have the free and the premium option for downloading. The free download options are similar to the previous one, where you can’t have simultaneous downloads, direct downloads, you have download CAPTCHA and you have a lot of ads.

The premium download offers everything that the free download does not, and the membership offers are:

– 30 day-membership of $12.99

– 90 days membership of $29.99 (Most popular)

– 180 days membership of $49.99

– 360 days membership of $79.99 (Best offer)

Coming back to the topic of what you can see on, you also have the link exchange offer, where everything will be explained simply. Other than that, you have the Gallery tab with all kinds of kinky character drawings, and if you have any questions about the site, make sure you check out their About page and FAQ.

There is also a special page dedicated to Doujins, some kinky pictures/videos of real-life porn in the tab ‘LB Thai’ and the rules about DMCA. So, if you are into hentai manga and you want to have them downloaded to your PC, you should surely check out

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