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If you are searching for a modern website with minimal ads, that offers blogs and latest porn reviews (among other things), then is the site you should visit. In this BestPornMenu’s review, we cover everything that you can expect to see and get from this site, so if the previous sentence sounds like something you would want to be a part of, then continue reading.

FleshBot started way back when porn was not so easily accessed and available, and it still has not given up, even after the tube-age came. In fact, you could easily say that instead of being forgotten, this site keeps itself separate from all of the other adult-related websites by providing its visitors with regular and entertaining articles.

The homepage is made quite simple and classy. You have the usual menu on top of the site, a search button on the top right, and below that, you get everything that you can expect to see here. The first thing you might notice are the incredible deals from other sites, such as the access to for only $0.99/day, or the 50% off the CazzoClub. Bellow the offers you will have a little bit of everything, from the articles, pictures to the tags and their friends.

If you want something more specific than everything meshed up together in one big pile, then you can simply choose from the menu above. The articles on can be sorted by straight, gay, or both, depending on what you want to see. Once you start browsing, all you need to do is click on the blog that interests you the most and enjoy your stay.

One thing to keep in mind is that this site is not all about reading, even if it is a blog website, since depending on which article you clicked on, you will be presented with the story that can sometimes only be 2-3 sentences long, with a video or a gallery. The blog topics that you can expect to see here are new adult actors and actresses, pornstar gossip, new releases and others.

The tab ‘Nude Celebs’ takes you to another site called Here, as the site’s name would suggest, you can expect to see all kinds of nude photos from a variety of famous people. There are also video scenes from movies and articles written on such topics.

Once you click on the ‘Shop’ tab on you can expect to see loads of merchandise. From exclusive DVDs to arousing sex toys. On the homepage of the shop, you’ll have everything meshed together, with other tabs helping you find what you want.

You can purchase movies by listing them by your favorite porn actress, lubricants, dildos, BDSM toys, fleshlights…etc. There is a ‘Sale’ section that will show you only the products that are on sale, and a ‘Gay’ tab that will display all of the gay goodies.

If you would rather list your articles by the categories, you have that as well. Besides the articles in any of the tabs (straight, gay, all) you will have featured categories and all categories, and if that is not enough you can also use the search button on top. Overall, if you are a big fan of the adult industry but you also like to know a bit more about the actors you are watching, then you should definitely check out the posts on

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