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  • Good community
  • Easy to understand
  • Many torrents and awards
  • Can’t join anymore

Even if does not accept any more members in their base, it is one of the greatest sites, which means that it is worth visiting it. You could say that Empornium is the home to the most active user base adult tracker website in English.

There is a lot that you can see here, and it has a very good search system that will allow you to find what you are looking for quite easily. On top of that, you can have a good ratio as long as you seed and you should also pay attention to how much you will be downloading at the same time.

On the other hand, you can also keep up a great ratio by uploading, especially if you upload something that another user has requested; you can also use credits to pay off your download amount.

Credits can be earned by seeding torrents, and you can also get them through forum contests where there will always be a bug selection to choose from; including many contests that allow you to enter them for free.

In addition, Empornium has a good community that has been rising in numbers for over 5 years, even though currently they do not accept any more members, as it was mentioned earlier. All the torrents are active on the site, and there will always be some new posts every few minutes.

If you need any help, you can ask the users to help you or just visit the forum pages. There you have many useful tutorials that you can use for help together with a good help and support area where you will probably find answers to most of your questions.

The forum covers a wide range of topics, anything from fetishes, to personal advice and even political views is allowed to be discussed. If you do not see the topic or the question that interests you already on the forum, you can always create a thread yourself and there will be many members happy to answer,

This site has started hosting a weekly freeleach ‘Happy Hour’, which usually offers an extended freeleach period at different times during the year. Another great program that Empornium offers is awards and medals as a reward for participating in their community and activities.

The members are able to receive medals and awards by uploading, seeding, filling requests, downloading, making presentations for uploads and many other ways. You can also earn ribbons by uploading torrents multiple times in a specific category.

This will be displayed under your personal avatar and in the profile picture you chose, which is a great way to show the other members that you have contributed to the community.

For those who still have some parts that they do not understand, you also have a comprehensive help section, together with an easy access to the IRC for those who need help immediately or the one who just want to chat with other members.

But, do not forget that there will always be rules that you need to follow. So, before posting anything, seeding, downloading or doing anything at all, you should read the rules of the website. It’s a bit sad that Empornium has been closed for a while and it is very hard to join the site anymore, but maybe they open it back up in the future.

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