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  • HD videos
  • Add users and chat
  • Genuine amateur porn
  • Some short clips
  • Only one membership offer

There are many sites today, that will allow you to upload your own kinky videos, and one of them is called With a simple name like that, you can already guess that this website likes to get right down to business.

Even at first glance, if you are a fan of amateur porn, you will simply fall in love. There is a lot you can see here, but keep in mind that this is a premium site, which means that most good things will not come free.

The homepage of this site is filled with users and videos you can watch. The first thing you might notice about these clips is that some of them have the ‘Premium Video’ label on them, and we all know what that means. You are not able to see the clip until you become a permanent member.

However, just like some have that label, some clips do not. The videos that are not labeled can be watched for free, even without an account. You can also view the videos comments, ratings, the user who posted it and so on.

Usually, the clips that are given for free will last from 1 to 5 minutes tops, but sometimes that is all we actually need. One thing that is a bit annoying about their preview is that you can’t see how long they are until you open the clip.

The viewing system is same for the galleries, as some of them are premium and some are not. These images are usually in HD and they are all made by real amateurs who love to get kinky. With that said, we can clearly state that their tour page is better than most we have seen so far.

If you truly want to enjoy the wonders of this website, you will have to create an account. The registration is quite simple and free. Once you have registered, you will get different and better options on the website.

For example, you can now search for the members and the videos easily. On top, you have a search button that will allow you to search for your fetish and you can filter the search for users, videos or photos. Other than that form of search, you also have the ‘Categories’ tab.

The great thing about the categories is that they allow you to find the fetish that makes your cock hard, and they are all displayed with a juicy thumbnail; just to make your search a bit better. There are over 40 different tags on, and if you ask me that is more than enough.

Here you will see tags such as blonde, Asian, Busty, big tits and so on, but you also have the kinkier tags like creampie, fisting, outdoor, threesome… etc. It all depends on what your preference is, as we all have a special preference when it comes to pornographic content.

Since this is an amateur website, you can expect to be showered with many different amateur clips. Keep in mind that the quality of the videos can vary, because homemade videos are sometimes filmed with a phone camera. However, when I browsed, most of the videos I stumbled upon were actually in HD or decent quality.

Now, if you came here for the full experience, then you might want to upgrade your account to premium. Once you create the free account, you will get this option. While everything on this site is quite peachy, one thing that is a bit disappointing is that you get only one membership offer.

You can subscribe for a 1-month premium access, which means that you will get 30 days of unlimited amateur porn for $29.99. Your premium account includes privileges, such as:

  • Watching unlimited videos
  • Watching premium videos
  • Ability to download clips
  • View all galleries
  • Download and save zipped albums with one click
  • Fast streaming and video loading
  • Add other users as friends and chat
  • Many HD clips of 1080p

Another thing that is definitely worth mentioning is that this site is compatible with both your phone and tablet, so you can browse the site wherever you are. If there is something you do not understand, or you have encountered an error, you should contact their customer support.

Since these are all user-submitted videos, make sure that once you find the hottie of your dreams or the video that makes your wiener rise instantly, to check out the user who posted the clip. You never know, you two might become good friends.

You will be happy to know that is a regular site with daily uploads of genuine amateur porn clips and galleries. With its fast streaming options and download possibilities, you would be crazy not to create an account.

Keep in mind that once you become a member you will also be able to post your own dirty little videos, so what are you waiting for? If you enjoy amateur porn clips and you want to share your own, then just visit

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