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  • Loads of videos and galleries
  • Ability to post your own clips
  • Site looks a bit messy

There are some websites out there on the Internet that allow you to make an account and share your own recorded videos and one of them is This site has been around since June 2009, and they are a real amateur porn community that is known for having genuine homemade porn videos with all kinds of amateurs.

Upon opening for the first time, you might not realize that it is an actual site and not a popup ad, however, even though their design is quite plain and dated they still deliver the goods. At their homepage, you will only be able to see the bits and pieces of what the site offers, from the top rated videos to the galleries.

On the left side, there are the typically searched categories that will help you find the video that interests you the most. You can expect to see a variety of different porn videos, from hot orgy banging to pregnant women riding their horny lovers. There are also the personals and the male amateur search options.

When you click on the ‘Videos’ tab, you’ll get to see all of the videos that are posted on SwapSmut. There are over 20.400 amateur videos that you can enjoy watching and they can be listed by the most recent, most viewed, top rated…etc.

Every clip will show you the title, name of the user who posted it with his details and link to his profile, there is also a little description, and comments and likes from the already existing members.

The gallery section is pretty much the same as the videos. You will get a list of 23.000+ existing galleries you can choose from. After entering one of them you will be able to scroll through some of the pictures and you will also be able to see the same details just like for the videos.

You can view the members of the site by clicking on the drop menu ‘More’ and choosing ‘Members’ together with other different options. There is even a special section for the naughty blogs, where people post their experiences and stories.

Even if this site is free and you can watch up to 20 videos a day, there is also an option to become a member. With that membership, you can like and leave a comment on random videos, or upload your own content, add other users to your friend list and chat with them as well.  However, there is also an option of upgrading your account to VIP membership that allows you to have even more fun on

You can earn your VIP membership by posting loads of videos regularly or simply by paying for it. The VIP membership costs $29.95 (USD)/30 days with numerous ways of paying. While you might be skeptical about the membership (since it’s kind of pricey), it is actually worth it if you like to watch longer HD amateur videos, because with this membership you also have the ability to download clips in low quality, high quality or as the original videos. There are some clips that can only be watched if you are a VIP member and most of the galleries can only be fully viewed with only that membership as well.

Overall, this site allows you to watch a certain number of porn videos a day with a free membership or an unlimited number with a VIP membership together with tons of galleries. Therefore, if you want to watch some good amateur porn videos featuring all kinds of different beauties, then you should definitely give a chance.


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