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Amateur-lovers always enjoy visiting sites that are filled with loads of user-submitted homemade movies, just like on It is a very popular free amateur porn site, which is why the BestPornMenu decided to write a review. So, let us start from the beginning.

The homepage of this site is similar to most of the other porn websites. It offers some porn videos to get you hooked together with suggestions of sites with similar content. The clips can be sorted by the latest, most viewed, longest, top rated…etc.

The second tab is called the ‘Videos’, and it shows all of the different porn movies that can be found on this site for you to enjoy. There are over 3200 homemade porn videos you can watch, and after clicking on any of the videos you will have a small info displayed. Besides its title, you will be able to see the like and dislike ratio, the views, when it was submitted, a small description and the tags and categories that are related to that particular video. One thing that is quite annoying is that when the video ends, you cannot just play it again, you have to refresh the whole page for the video’s play button to react.

Just like in the ‘Videos’ section, you’ll see almost the same results in the ‘Galleries’ section as well. There will be a list of different galleries that can be viewed by the latest, most viewed, most commented…etc. Every gallery has the same amount of details that the videos have, together with suggested related photos on the bottom of the page. Currently, there are over 1700 galleries on, but there is no option of downloading them (except the usual ‘right click + save image as’ option).

The ‘Categories’ tab is used for anyone who knows exactly what kind of an act they want to see. The categories can also be listed in three different ways, top rated, most viewed or most videos and you can list them by videos or just photos; however, there is no option to list them by both. On top of this site, there is also a search option, where you can type in anything you want to see, for example ‘ass fuck’ and you’ll get all of the videos with those two words in it.

If you are wondering who is posting all of these naughty videos and galleries, you should just visit the ‘Community’ tab. There you’ll see all of the members, and you can list them as well, by the top active, newest, alphabetically, content popularity or most viewed. There are 26.000+ members currently registered on the site.

This site is considered as a free porn amateur website, but there are some private videos that you can only watch if you create your free account and add the user(of that certain video) to your friend list. However, with your free membership you have an option of liking and commenting on other videos or galleries, together with the ability to upload your own content. The members can also favorite pictures and clips, subscribe to and chat with other members.

If you want to download any of the videos, you’ll have to become a premium member of the site, and of course, that will cost you. The premium 30-day-membership is $29.95(USD), but the only thing that you get out of that membership is the ability to download videos, which makes the subscription seem kind of pricey.

Even though most of these videos were filmed with basic cameras, they are still medium to high-quality videos and by joining SeeMyPorn’s amateur porn community you’ll have the ability to watch all of these hot porn clips and galleries.

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