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Searching for a classic porn game to make your dick hard? Visit, and enjoy playing that amazing hentai game, where you get to bang a bunch a naughty ladies to save the princess!

This game is quite simple, as it only gives you 3 options at the time, and you get to see where the story develops. At first, you will encounter a gorgeous busty blonde fairy who is masturbating in your room… weird, right? Well, there is actually a reason why she is doing that, and you will get to hear everything.

Before you start, you can switch from seven different languages which is quite amazing, and you can also create an account. The game revolves around a simple method of a puzzle game, where you have to align three right colors and objects to get points with your chick.

Since you are the chosen one to save the Goddess, you will have to fuck a lot of human ladies. But we all know that they would not just bend over randomly for you, meaning that you have to work for it. After asking them out on a date, you will get to win points and eventually slam them hard.

Lucky for you, the beautiful blonde fairy will happily explain all the rules of the game, in a quick tutorial from the beginning. After you go out, you will have to chat girls up and if you choose the right answers to the conversation, you will get to the next stage (that was previously mentioned).

As you can see, this game is quite easy, and you get to meet plenty lovely, beautiful and hot hentai babes, and after asking them out on a date, you need to earn points until they allow you to bang them. is quite an easy game to understand, it is fun and most of all very arousing.

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