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With its plain design and useful functions, is one of the best blog sites dedicated to scandalous news about the hottest celebrities around the world. Even if the site looks quite boring, it definitely serves its purpose, hence why the BestPornMenu even decided to review it.

Once you visit the site, you will understand what we mean when we say that the site looks as simple as it possibly can. However, since it does what it’s supposed to, this does not really matter. There are a ton of hot topics that can be seen on, so you better be prepared, since even the homepage is filled with loads of different hot articles of sexy celebrity news.

Currently, there are over 8500 hot celebrity articles that you can enjoy reading. There is also a huge variety of different celebrities that you can choose to read about, from the famous British boxer Amir Khan’s hot wife Faryal Makhdoom to the wild and shameless naked Miley Cyrus on the beach. introduces itself as a site that is on the hunt for hot pictures of sexy famous babes, and they are not lying. On the homepage, you will get a huge list of all of the articles that can be found on, with 20 articles presented on each page.

If you already have in mind a celebrity you would want to see get kinky, you have a search box on the left of the site. There you can write any celebrity name, and after that, you will have all of the articles that are connected to that certain person. The search button is not necessarily tied to famous female celebrities, because for example if you search for ‘Justin’, you will get an article about Sofia Richie who became known when she started her relationship with Justin Bieber.

However, if you came to this site just to browse and read different interesting articles, you also have a list of nude celebrities that you can see here, below the search box. They are listed from A-Z, which makes it much easier for you to find who you were looking for.

When you click on any of the celebrity names, you will get a list of all of the articles that are connected to that beauty. For example, if you decide to click on ‘Carrie Underwood’, you’ll get to see this hot blonde country singer pose topless with small articles written about her as well. We all love Carrie’s magical voice, but have you ever seen how she looks like under her clothes? Well, now you can!

On top of each article, there is the name of the author, and you will always be presented with at least one nude or provocative picture. You can see the full size of the image if you just click on it, and even though there is no direct option of downloading the pictures you always have the longer way (right click + save image as).

Overall, I can say that I definitely enjoyed my stay here. Even if the site does lack a bit in the search department, since it can get quite annoying to scroll through so many celebrities, you can still use the Ctrl + F option to find your princess. Therefore, if nude and scandalous news of sexy celebrities excites you, be sure to check out

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