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Pornographic movies can be fun and all, but erotic games such as hotcandyland, can make you feel like you are living the dream. If you want to become the king of the adult industry, with a 25 cm tool, then you have come to the right place. only offers one game, and before you can actually play it, you have to register. The registration will ask only for your username and password, no email required, as it is completely free. You also have an option to log in with your facebook account, and after you accept the terms, you can continue playing.

When you have logged in, you can enjoy making your member rise while fucking all kinds of dirty girls. It a pretty big game, and the goal is to make your shaft bigger. At the beginning, you will have a 5-minute tutorial that will explain the basics of the game. The only problem here is that, in my opinion, the tutorial is a bit too long, as it just points you to the things you have to do, without letting you decided on your own.

When that is finally done, you can have fun making your own decisions. As you progress in this game, your tool will get bigger by 1mm every time, and for you to enter the porn business, you have to have a bigger wand. Well, while you are growing, you will have loads of opportunities to slam sleazy babes in bars and film your own porn movies.

Overall this is not a bad game if you have time to waste. In the end, you will have some offers to purchase items with real money, but you do not have to. The gameplay is solid, and can sometimes be a bit confusing. You also have an option to add your friends and chat with them.

On top, you can check all of the players who are online, their rankings and you can chat in the chat rooms. This site has a special section for the forums, but currently, there are only 6 forum topics to choose from. Nevertheless, I think everyone can enjoy playing hotcandyland, as they become the best at fucking.

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