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  • Video Quality
  • content
  • design


  • 6.000+ hentai videos
  • User-friendly
  • Site's slow loading time
  • Few categories
  • No advanced search options

For those of you with a desire to watch some hot hentai chicks get ravished in all kinds of naughty ways, the is a perfect choice. Simply put, this site offers a ton of different movies featuring the most beautiful and wild hentai babes, who want nothing more than to get fucked.

Once you visit you will be showered with a ton of dirty anime pornographic content, and since the site is made in such a simple way, you’ll have no trouble finding your ideal clips. There are only 5 tabs you need to know about, with the first one being the ‘Home’ tab.

Here, you will have the recently viewed, featured, top rated and most viewed videos. You can, of course, view any of the suggested videos, but if you want to see the whole batch, you have to go to the ‘Watch’ tab. On the homepage, you will also be able to view your profile, videos, favorites, playlist and group (if you are a member). The ‘Upload’ tab is exactly what you would expect it to be. It lets you upload your own hentai content, but if you are not a registered member, it will just take you to an empty page.

The tab that everyone will like the most is called ‘Watch’, where you will have all of the videos presented. One annoying part of this section is that the loading time of the videos on the front page is kind of slow, but on the plus side, there are over 6.000 videos you can choose from. This means, that you will easily find the content that will make you feel good. The layout is also a bit messy, as every video has the name, time, added, user, views, and comments below, before you actually click on the video.

While the general loading time on the site is slow, the clip’s loading time, once you actually open a hentai movie, is very fast. Every video can be rated by the members, added to favorites and commented on, you can even flag the video if in some way it is not uploaded according to the rules. Below the movie, you will have some recommended clips and on the right side, there will be more details about the clip you are currently watching.

If you have a certain category you prefer watching, when you click on ‘Channels’ you will be sent to a page with 10+ different categories you can choose from. But, just like in the previous tab, here you will also have to wait a bit before the actual categories load.

After you are done browsing this site, and if you like what you see then I suggest you check out their friends as well. The ‘Friends’ tab will show some similar hentai sites you might enjoy. Besides that, there is a tab that works similarly to Pinterest, where you will be redirected to another website filled with hentai girls, that allows you to pin the pictures you like.

There is also a ‘Sign Up’ that is supposed to take you to a registration page, but it does not work. However, there is a ‘premium’ tab, that will take you to that allows you to sign up. However, you only have one membership offer presented, which is the 30-day membership of $29.95 and you can pay with Visa, Mater Card, Discover, and JCB.

Besides the site’s slow loading time and the simple design, you will definitely have fun. is here with one purpose, and that is to satisfy their customers by producing as many different and arousing hentai clips that they possibly can.

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