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What makes different from many other sites, is the variety of different hentai manga they offer. While here you might not be able to enjoy watching anime sluts get banged in different scenarios, you will be able to cuddle up with one hand down your pants while reading all of these hot stories. However, even if these manga are considered as stories, they offer a lot more, as they can be compared to your classic comic books, but with a twist.

If you are a fan of anime in general and you like to watch 2D babes do what they are undeniably the best at, well, there is a high chance that you will just love to read these hentai stories. Hentai2read is a site that is purely dedicated to the lustiest of manga, featuring all kinds of different anime girls, futanari chicks, and yaoi boys in different scenarios.

While on most of the websites you have the usual menu on top, once you visit Hentai2read you might notice that it is made a bit differently. On top, you have the useful search bar that will help you find your drug, where you can type anything you wish to see. Before you start browsing around, the site itself suggests you read a guide, that will lead you to the FAQ of the site (which I personally found very useful).

On the left side of the site, you have a grayish line, that will show the full menu after you hover over it. There are only a few sections you need to know about, that will help you navigate through their amazing collection of hentai. Just like on many other sites, the ‘Home’ tab will show you the usual most read manga that you can choose from, together with the ones that are recently uploaded (you also have other ways to list them).

When you click on a tab called ‘Directories’ you will have a full list of over 16400 hentai manga to choose from. If you already have in mind what kind of an erotic story you would like to read, there are some filter options that might help you with that; for example a list of 25+ categories, that can range from your ‘innocent’ elementary school girls exploring sexual desires to young boys getting plugged hard.

One thing that everyone notices from the menu, is a tab called ‘Hentai Games’. When you click on it, you will have about 12 hentai games to choose from. These games are all free and can be played in your browser. You also have a special section of the site, which is basically a forum, where you can chat with other people and scroll through numerous topics. With that said, there is also an option for you to create an account. The registration is free, and it allows you to leave comments on manga, add other users as friends, chat with them… etc.

Overall, this site is one of the best hentai filled websites. All of the manga that are presented on the site can be read for free, and if you make an account you can join their community filled with lewd members. You also have an option to rate the manga yourself, subscribe to any user and even save manga to your favorites. Since offers everything for free, the BestPornMenu definitely suggests you go and check it out, as it will definitely fulfill your hentai-loving side.

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