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  • Dated design

The professional porn clips can get kind of boring since sometimes what we really want to watch is something genuine and spontaneous, which is exactly why was made. It is a world filled with amateur pornographic content, and on top of that, it is completely free. You can watch almost all of the videos that are presented to you on this amazing amateur-filled site.

When you first stumble upon AmateurArchiver you might mistake it for some random, fake website filled with links, but once you do your digging you are bound to love it. The design is quite plain and simple, which can be both good and bad at the same time. While it is easy to use, it looks dated as well. However, if you exclude just the look of the site, you will find that AmateurArchiver gives everything that an amateur lover might ask for.

On their homepage, you’ll see loads of videos suggested for you to watch, together with some profiles of popular users and on the left side there will be a ton of links leading to other porn websites. Their menu is fairly basic, you have the homepage with all of the regular things, the video and photo archive, most archive, categories, community, hot amateurs and upload.

The video and photo archives are very straightforward, as they offer exactly what you have guessed. In the video archive, you will be presented with loads of videos that can be viewed by recent or most viewed.

While this site is completely free and most of its content as well, you still have some of the videos that are private and can be viewed only if you and the uploader are friends on this site. The videos can be viewed in SD, mobile or HD, and below every video, you’ll see the name of the uploader (his details), categories and tags of the video, a description and the likes (hits).

Similarly to the videos, the photo archive gives a ton of photos that are uploaded from the users with some private galleries. The photos can range from completely nude to just a bunch of selfies. Below every album you have the same details listed just like for the videos. The next tab called the ‘Most Archived’ is filled with videos that have the biggest amount of hits from the users.

The categories can be seen on the right side and you can also view the full list if you click on the ‘Categories’ tab on top. after clicking on any single category, you will be presented with content that is related to that particular category.

Now, the ‘Community’ tab is what I find the most interesting, as that makes this site quite fun. Here, you will have a list of all of the people (7900+ members) who made a profile on this site, together with their details and content. There is even a way you can interact with them. If you make your free account, not only can you publish your own videos but you can also add other users as friends. The private videos and galleries can be viewed this way as well. The tab ‘Hot Amateurs’ will send you to a site called, that is very similar to this site.

If you want to watch amateur homemade videos of people you can also interact with, then this must be your heaven since has over 7.90K visitors and 17.0K+ page views a day. After making a profile, you are bound to have loads of fun browsing and talking to other users on

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