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  • Video Quality
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  • Highly detailed
  • Many positions
  • MMO
  • Pay to play

With this newest downloadable 3D sex game, 3DXChat, you can live your dream. It is a game made for horny adults who love to connect and have an incredible experience while in the world of 3D porn. After you create an account, you can enjoy all of the wonders that this site has to offer. On top of that, you can also chat with other members of their community!

Once you create your character you can walk freely in their 3D world (with the right click), where you can find your partner and invite them to your apartment. There are over 100 different sex animations you will get to watch, from pov blowjobs and cumshots to BDSM doggy style acts. Not to mention that you can make your partner cum in a variety of places and scenarios, from the sandy beaches to night clubs.

Unlike with most games today, here you can actually create your own character. These are all highly detailed 3D characters, and you get to customize everything, from the size of their breasts to their clothes and hair color. Believe it or not, you also have an option to customize your own apartment and there are real-time lights and shadows in the game. This game allows you to create multiple profiles, and every profile can have a completely different avatar and friend’s list.

Interacting with other people is what this game is all about, and 3DXChat has made it quite simple for everyone to use. If you want to see what other people are saying, you can just pull out the chat. You can also use the private chat option to talk to users in private.

3DXChat has a very elegant, intuitive and it is easy to use layout. At the beginning of the game, you will get a tutorial that will explain all of the basics that you need to know. However, before you get to play the game, you will have to purchase a membership. 

– 1-month membership of $19.99

– 6-month membership of $59.99 (Only $9.99/month)

– 12 months membership of $91.99 (Only $7.67/month)

All transactions on this site are 100% discrete, and there will be no adult information on your statement. Also, this game is designed for Windows PC users only. After you purchase your membership, you can enjoy this wonderful world of 3D lovemaking. This is a perfect game for anyone who truly enjoys playing sex games, as it will give you all of the options, just like in real life. While it might be lacking a bit in some areas, 3DXChat is just growing, and so is its community!

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